Visa d'entrée en Algérie

In order to allow us to continue to serve you well, we ask you to fill out the visa application forms correctly, filling out all the sections carefully.

Regarding visa applications of a professional nature (business or work), you will want to complete the form relating to the professional activity of the company or organization which employs you both abroad and in Algeria. This last document must accompany your visa application file.

We remind our kind partners that the visa fees mentioned below are those applicable to persons of Polish nationality only.

For fees to be paid by other nationalities, applicants are requested to contact our services. They will also have to prove that they are resident in Poland or in the countries of coverage: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Journalists will need to complete a specific journalist visa application form.


تعلم سفارة الجزائر بوارسو أنه ، يمكن تسديد تكاليف التأشيرات عن طريق التحويل المصرفي و ذلك حسب البيانات المصرفية التالية

إسم و عنوان البنك

Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Al. Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warszawa

WBKPPLPP السويفت

رقم الحساب المصرفي الخاص بالتأشيرات

PL 35 1910 1048 2787 0000 4983 0003

The Algerian Embassy in Warsaw informs that payment of visa fees could be made by bank transfer. Below are the related bank details:

Name and address of the bank :

Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Al. Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warszawa


Account number for visa fees :

PL 35 1910 1048 2787 0000 4983 0003



مصلحة التأشيرات
الثلاثاء و الخميس من 10:00 إلى 13:00

Visas opening hours:
Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
(submission of requests and retrieval of documents)

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